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Installation of a round face Radio into a first generation neon






The cd players of the mid nineties sucked, mine was temperamental at best.It would play most store bought cdís, most of the time.It would only play burnt cdís if they were of decent quality and it liked you at the time.


The radio I installed was out of an í03 sx2.0 (neon) sales code RBK.To date it has played any cd thrown in it, and has the capability of controlling cd-changer.


Parts needed:

-          Radio to install

-          Mopar plug Conversion kit p/n: 8220741 (needed only if the radio your are installing has a single plug, while your car has a grey and black plug)

Tools needed:

-          Preferably a Mini butane torch, a lighter or hot air gun will do

-          Side cutting pliers, or a dremel with a cut off wheel




The Modification of the new radioís faceplate:





Most of the mounting tab on the right side of the radio needed to be removed; I left the mounting hole at the bottom intact just in case this radio would find itself back in a newer car. It will be unused in this application.












The right side mounting tab needed the entire middle portion removed.The upper mounting hole is used to secure the radio.The radio will be secure enough without using it.







Modification of the radio bezel



The round face radioís are slightly longer then the square radio it replaces, itís face also protrudes from the opening while the old radio stay behind the bezel.



Only the sides needed to be modified, I used a normal bic lighter for the driverís side, and used a mini torch for the passengerís side.The torch was more controlled and heated the area faster.


Heat up the plastic from the back first bending the portion closest to the edge, then once it has been warmed up and flexible, start heating up the area just beneath the ridge.It will take some time, and you may want to wear gloves while handling the heated bezel, but the results are worth it.